November 1, 2017

2024-03-20 | 18:15:22

"Very homey Vet service. Not as expensive as Des Moines, or Altoona Vet's!"
October 24, 2017

2024-03-20 | 18:15:25

"Doc is a great guy, knowledgeable and helpful with my dogs"
September 24, 2016

2024-03-20 | 18:15:27

"They got us in the day we called. Gave us free samples. Took great care of our kitty!"
June 16, 2016

2024-03-20 | 18:15:30

"Doc is a great guy and go's out of his way to get me answers. Big help for sure.."
May 2, 2015

2024-03-20 | 18:15:33

"Experienced vet who is very caring and personable, reasonable rates, options and treatment costs were clearly explained up front, they understand the difference between a four legged family member pet and an ordinary farm dog and I felt no pressure to provide extra and expensive treatment, great vet"