Family Pet Vet Services in Monroe, IA

Monroe Animal Clinic provides the highest quality small and large animals veterinary care in Monroe, IA.

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With our more than fifty years of veterinary experience, people throughout the community trust us to treat their beloved pets and high-value farm animals. We also stock pet health products such as medication, prescription food and grooming essentials.

Small Animals Veterinary Care

Since 1971, families in Monroe, IA have brought their household pets to our highly-acclaimed small animals veterinary care facility. We perform family pet check-ups, administer annual vaccinations for family pets, complete spay or neuter surgeries, insert microchips, and handle animal dental services like cleaning and tooth extraction. Our clinic also processes blood work, fecal testing and urinalysis for cats and dogs.

Large Animals Veterinary Care

As the area’s premier provider of large animals veterinary care, we’re happy to make farm calls within 30 miles of our clinic. We treat cattle, goats, horses and sheep. Farmers call us to vaccinate, dehorn, castrate (bulls) and insert green and/or gold tags. We also perform pregnancy checks and treat equine lacerations. We’re available for emergency calls if and when the situation arises.

Emergency Services

Emergencies happen. It’s all part of being a pet or livestock owner. The key is to act fast when the situation arises. Don’t ignore symptoms of illness or injury because you’re worried you can’t get an appointment. We welcome emergency service walk-ins to get your dog or cat back on his/her paws.

Pet Health Products

When one of our veterinarians recommends a medication, diet or other treatment for your pet, our clinic has these products in stock for you to purchase at the end of the appointment. This includes medication and anything else prescribed.

We’re also available to provide emergency large animals veterinary care. We’ll make emergency farm calls within 30 miles of our clinic when horses experience lacerations, other animals endure prolapses or pregnant mothers require emergency C-sections.

Give Your Animal the Best Care

Your animals deserve the best veterinary care and vaccinations for family pets available in Monroe, Reasnor, Prairie City, and Otley, IA. To make an appointment for your pet or livestock, call Monroe Animal Clinic at 641-259-2019. Walk-ins and emergency calls for animal dental services, family pet check-ups, and more are welcome and will be taken in order of urgency, so contact us now.